Hey, everyone! I have a problem importing resource...
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Hey, everyone! I have a problem importing resources from another project. I create an EKS cluster in the first project and want to import it in my second to add managed node groups. But somethings wrong, because I get the error
'dict' object has no attribute 'core'
(I am using
as an input of the managed node group). The exported resource is of type
. I used imports from other projects before and it worked without a problem. What could be wrong?
maybe the attribute
was added to the later and it needs updated version of packages. Something similar worked for me. Try updating if outdate
npm list
if list shows outdated package for pulumi, then do
npm update @pulumi/rancher
This solved my issue when I was trying to use
attribute for rancher2
module. @billowy-army-68599 helped me this.