Bit of a strange one, if I run `pulumi preview` lo...
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Bit of a strange one, if I run
pulumi preview
locally I get 196 unchanged, if I run it in my CI (exact same command), I get - 58 to delete, 138 unchanged. Any ideas why this would happen?
any difference between OS local and in CI? i've had StringAssets and/or FileAssets be marked as different due to line endings before. or maybe a different version of pulumi CLI? not sure if that would affect it also strange that it is 58 to just delete, not replace. in my line ending scenario it was updating a js lambda function that it thought changed, but not a straight delete are you using dotnet by chance?
i ask because the only thing i can think of that i've seen before that would mark a bunch of resources for deletion would be this scenario in dotnet: could be an exception is thrown somewhere in your stack, and your Program.Main is returning
instead of
I found the problem, it was a mistake with exporting in typescript