Hi, I'm working to import our current cloud infra ...
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Hi, I'm working to import our current cloud infra into Pulumi to put it under management. I've imported something into the wrong stack. As it's early in my work and it's one of the first things imported, might it be better to delete the stack "pulumi stack rm" and create new and start importing again?
you can delete the resource from the state, which means it won't remove it
pulumi stack --show-urns
to get the urn of the resource you don't want to have managed
pulumi state delete ${urn}
Ok, thanks that's nice you can take out a resource individually in that way and it can be deleted locally from the stack without breaking your cloud service resource
I'm getting an error when running this in ubuntu wsl on Windows 10 pulumi stack --show-urns -v 9 --tracing /mnt/c/Dev/scratch/pulumi.trc --logtostderr I1105 114118.099682 685 sink.go:154] defaultSink::Error(error: lstat /mnt/c/DumpStack.log.tmp: permission denied) error: lstat /mnt/c/DumpStack.log.tmp: permission denied It doesn't write anything in the trace file