Our team is enjoying pulumi and are looking to exp...
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Our team is enjoying pulumi and are looking to expand to include some of the capabilities beyond replacing terraform to include what we have done with ansible....from what I've seen, that seems like more of a
use-case, but if we can do it in pulumi, then even better! I'm curious what other teams have utilized for this. Please select an option below for easy voting: 1️⃣ Ansible 2️⃣ PyInfra 3️⃣ Pulumi all the way! - please expand in comments if you don't mind. 4️⃣ Other: Please note what you're using in the comments if you don't mind. Thanks!
Pulumi isn't designed to work at the operating system level. You can use dynamic providers to provision OS resources, but I personally tend to stick with what things are good at 🙂 The MIT open learning platform is OSS, uses Pulumi for provisioning anything with an API and uses pyinfra for the OS level. You can see it here: https://github.com/mitodl/ol-infrastructure The two work very well together!
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