Quick question: Can I somehow configure the conten...
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Quick question: Can I somehow configure the contents of the
file via env variables ? I would like to get a stack output from CI/CD but I don't really want to create a Pulumi.yaml file in the project I'll be running this.
pulumi stack output -s org/project/stack
out of curiosity - how is it possible you have a working (I assume) project without Pulumi.yaml file?
I have a devops project where i have all pulumi settings. For simplicity lets say that the devops project creates an ECR In another project (git repo), lets call this API, i want to build and push an image to the ECR for this repo. I don't need pulumi for this but I do want to get the dynamic repository URL for it which is exported from the ECR project 🙂
does that make sense ?
Oh, I see.
to sum up: you don’t actually have a separate pulumi project but you want to get some stack outputs from another one
you should be able to get it with:
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pulumi -s <org-name>/<project-name>/<stack-name> stack output
(assuming your pulumi cli is already authenticated)
wait - you actually wrote the same line above 🤔
didn’t it work for you?
It did work 😄 I just posted it here as resolution in case others need it. I found the
option after i posted
F… me - I need a break 😄 Either you edited your message after I posted my question (but there’s no “edited” so you did not) or I really need another .
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