Can anyone think of a reason that `pulumi stack se...
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Can anyone think of a reason that
pulumi stack select <stackname> --cwd /path/to/pulumi/folder
in a shell script being executed by a github action might fail because it cannot see a Pulumi.yaml? I'm echoing out an ls of the path I am feeding to the --cwd flag and it shows what I am expecting (including the Pulumi.yaml file) and the same approach is working just fine if I execute a shell script as normal from the same directory from my local.
/root/.pulumi/bin/pulumi stack select _$1_ --cwd _$PULUMI_DIR_
double check if path contains some special characters, spaces etc.
add double quotes around
The above did not work, I still don't really understand what was going on with it but in case anyone else searches for this in the future I will add: I solved this by setting the working-directory of my github action to the path I was trying to pass to --cwd. Not a perfect solution, but working for my use case. Thanks for the suggestion Jakub 🙂