Can I specify a default `aws:region` and `aws:prof...
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Can I specify a default
for a project, as opposed to in each stack?
Can I ask why you might want to lock a particular profile in for an entire project? The easiest way to manually test Pulumi code is to switch profile to a test account and
we have a profile that has some shared resources among users, due to the deployment environment. It's weird, for sure. Typically you'd want that profile to be associated with a particular user and limit based on that, however, we are using a profile that allows deployments for multiple cloud admins
It would still be helpful to have hierarchal configs where there is a default value for many values for multiple stack configs that doesn't have to be rewritten over and over
Yep. Well, for now the solution is language-specific.
do you have a link in mind for samples on how to do that?....I was trying to read in different StackReferences however, I wasn't really able to properly get/merge a config with the existing stack...
(or something to search for)