Is it possible to initialize a stack without creat...
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Is it possible to initialize a stack without creating a
file in the current folder? (I plan on using
I don't believe so because of the tight coupling with the
pulumi config
command, even in the automation API.
which has that annoying side effect of removing your YAML file when you
pulumi stack rm
Yeah, I kind of wish stacks were more internal than the
that ends up functioning as config.
There's a design choice somewhere inside of how stacks and stack configs work that make them difficult to reuse between projects.
I don't know if this is the right way to put it, but it's almost like I wish "stack state supported multiple projects".
Yes, I ran into this issue when trying to abuse Config for my own needs, not a stack. I had manage my own YAML separately 😞 (first world cloud development problems)
Yeah, and now I find myself writing shell scripts to manage this away as I don't want to be managing multiple files all with the same base settings.
I think I've got a strategy for it, but it's just obviously weird.
The symlinking to the
file helps me keep just one config file with config for all my projects in it.