11/11/2021, 7:59 PM
im doing a pulumi ip, but getting the error that a resource already exists. in this case its the register a static ip. The reason for this is there was a previous typo, but seems the pulumi state didnt know about it, and now its conflicting with another name... im kinda stuck. Ideally, I could make pulumi up move forward and sync what is deployed


11/11/2021, 9:17 PM
If the resource already exists, then the problem is either that 1) it's only in the provider and not in state, in which case you might want to import it or delete it, or 2) you've change the 1st param to the constructor, so Pulumi thinks it's a new resource, in which case you can comment out constructor, run
(Pulumi will delete the old resource, then put the code back and run
(Pulumi will create the new resource).


11/12/2021, 11:46 AM
Using the import process might be able to unstick you - it lets you start tracking a resource that exists but isn't yet managed by Pulumi