Given the current broken state of the non-Pulumi b...
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Given the current broken state of the non-Pulumi backends, what is the best option for someone who is just getting started with Pulumi today? ( ) I'd like to begin doing deployments, but I'm afraid of committing to the GCP state store if the next release is going to invalidate it and force me to adopt all my created resources manually...
This doesn't directly answer your question, but there's an epic to improve the stability of self-managed state backends slated for q4 on the roadmap
I've been using S3 for a while without any major issues, and I would be shocked if there wasn't a migration path after any updates, but I'll see if any pulumi staff want to comment
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Yeah, I've kind of just come to be aware of the current state of things.
(I saw that epic last night 😅 )
I'm hesitant to put it this way, but I really feel like there might be some severe misdesigns in pulumi stack state, stack configuration and the CLI behaviour.
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My suspicion is that the way things ended up weren't explicitly designed, but there might be a lot of implicit design that happened that's resulted in the CLI and stack configurations having some undesirable limitations.