Hi all, just learned about pulumi yesterday, it's ...
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Hi all, just learned about pulumi yesterday, it's looking like a perfect tool to move our monolith server to the cloud. I was wondering if anyone in the community knows of a good example or documentation on a .NET API on google cloud? I looked at the examples in the pulumi repository but only found C# examples for Google Cloud Functions and a Google Kubernetes Engine...
are you talking about pulumi or automation API?
Have you checked the official repo with examples? Here’s an example for C# and GKE: https://github.com/pulumi/examples/tree/master/gcp-cs-gke
After some time, you should be able to freely “translate” examples from other languages to C# as well as translating existing terraform recipes to pulumi (considering you’re gonna use classic GCP provider and not the native-one).
I was meaning an actual API written in .NET, i'd like to host it using pulumi
i will look around at some of the other examples, perhaps there is an API deploy somewhere
so, let me get this - you’re looking how to deploy your existing web service (called “API” by you) written in C# on GCP?
I’d say that Pulumi isn’t a deployment/orchestration tool itself. Pulumi manages your infrastructure (and it can include processes related to deployment of course). How you’re gonna deploy some monolith app to GCP is another problem. You might wanna: • dockerize it and adjust it to k8s so you can run it on GKE • dockerize it and run it on something simpler like Cloud Run • going old-school and spinning up a VM in GCE • etc Pulumi is not gonna “host” your app, GCP will. Pulumi will help you achieving that goal (that is configuring GCP so it can serve your application).
Yes, I understand that. we already have dockerized all of our services. Basically I was hoping pulumi would help us move from our single monolith server to something like GCP (and eventually GKE)
I think I already made a mistake in that the examples aren't about what type of project is being deployed, but what language the actual pulumi code is written in
Also, sorry for the poor wording choices on my part. I wasn't being very clear.
Yes, examples are divided based on the language the pulumi code is written and it’s not related to the language your app workload is implemented in.
I’d say if you don’t know how you want to deploy your app on GCP in general, pulumi won’t help you out of the box. That being said, you might want to search some more concrete examples how to deploy some docker images and try to reuse them 🙂.
Personally, I run all my apps on GKE but if you’re not familiar with cloud, Kubernetes might be overkill. I’d take a look at something like CloudRun or AppEngine maybe (although I have little to none experience with them).