Hey! Can someone help me understand the pulumi ref...
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Hey! Can someone help me understand the pulumi refresh a little bit more? When I do it, I get a "20 changes" warning. However, not too sure what it does if I continue. For example, I created a public route with
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new aws.ec2.RouteTable('public-route-table', {
      vpcId: this.vpc.id
and now when i do refresh I get this attached. Can anyone help me understand what's happened / gone wrong here?
Nothing has gone wrong. When you create resources, default values are often added by the provider. In this case, the public route table directs all traffic to the public internet. You don't have to specific this in Pulumi, it happens in AWS. When you pull the data from AWS into Pulumi, these default values are included.
Usually the best thing to do in these cases, if it's not too much work, is to put those values in your code, so that no changes are detected.