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11/30/2021, 6:28 PM
hey, it is great to join pulumi community. I am using the pulumi_terraform python module to import existing terraform state file from s3 as below
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from pulumi_terraform import state

tf_state = state.RemoteStateReference("resources", "s3", state.S3BackendArgs(
    bucket = "bucketName",
    key = "terraform.tfstate",
    region = "us-west-2"
pulumi.export('====', tf_state)
My terraform state file includes multiple terraform modules to build AWS ECS fargate cluster, which includes ALB, listener, security group, IAM, target group, fargate cluster, log group. But with RemoteStateReference, it only import the root outputs block, which is the output variables in in my terraform module. Is this by design or i missed anything? Thanks!