Good afternoon all, has anyone ran into or found a...
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Good afternoon all, has anyone ran into or found a workaround for this issue here: It relates to creating the following Pulumi Azure Resource:
I am able to create the
(non-slot variant) fine, just having issues with the slot. Inside the error message, it says the resource already exists, and going to the resource ID on azure, it does. But the subnet I tried to link to the webapp slot does not show up under the networking tab. Error message inside pipeline:
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error: cannot create already existing subresource '/subscriptions/<sub>/resourceGroups/<rg>/providers/Microsoft.Web/sites/<webapp>/slots/deploy/networkConfig/virtualNetwork
Update: I have done some testing, and created band new ASP's and WebApps, without any networking aspects. After, creation. the resource above will
component always exist. Due to that the
will always fail. The API is either checking the wrong resource, or its using the wrong API in the background to try update it.