How often do the `pulumi-azure-native` providers ...
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How often do the
providers get released? I see 1.48 is the latest from 2 days ago, some code im wanting to use was just merged yesterday, so just seeing when this will become available for us to use 🙂
It should be automated / same day.. though that may be if the Azure API changes, rather than if the provider code changes..
You should be able to infer an approximate release frequency by browsing through the changelog here:
Looks like 10 days is the longest time between releases.... mostly under 5 days.
Hey @salmon-printer-16080 if there's something you need, open an issue to remind the team.
I actually had this bug here: Super fast turn around by @tall-librarian-49374 which I appreciate!
We now try to release it weekly on Monday
But I can cut an out-of-bound release any time
No worries, I will update the package then!