Is there a way for Pulumi to generate a terraform ...
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Is there a way for Pulumi to generate a terraform state file for terraform users to use?
I'd love to understand your use-case a bit more. Why Pulumi to generate a plan and Terraform to execute?
there isn't currently a mechanism to generate a state file, the state is completely different and we don't expect to ever support terraform state. However, if you're using the Pulumi state backend, you can use this terraform provider (built by a community user) it'll allow you to access exported outputs from the state inside Pulumi's service
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And feel free to yell at me in a DM if that tool doesn't work for you, it's still pretty new 😄 I'm currently writing a blog on how to incrementally move over from Terraform to Pulumi, which sounds like it may be of help Topher if I can ever finish it. I wrote
as a part of my company's migration to Pulumi, and use it to have the two tools coexist while some infra lives under each tool's control
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We've gone the opposite direction here... There's a core infrastructure team that want to use Terraform, what we got them to do was build a pulumi stack that is literally just outputs from a terraform remote. That's then part of their build/deploy pipeline, so it's constantly updated. For the opposite to work, you'd need a Terraform provider that can read pulumi state files... not outside the realms of possibility for the community to build, but I can't imagine that being something Pulumi would want to build
Thanks a lot. Ill try that out @rapid-raincoat-36492 . Im having the same usecase as @worried-knife-31967 where I have another team wishing to consume some pulumi stuff but is a terraform team.
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