Hi, just wanted to give quick feedback re `pulumi ...
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Hi, just wanted to give quick feedback re
pulumi stack rm
. I really wish it didn’t remove files from my repo. I often use this command while developing to make sure I’m starting with a clean slate and it always removes my config file which if I’m lucky I have in git history, except now…
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Big +1 on this, it was not my expectation when running that command. I’d expect default behaviour to leave local files alone with a flag in case the developer really is wanting to never use a stack again. It’s quite common in a development environment to be re-using local state backend stacks a lot which requires lots of ups, destroys and rms.
I'll happily post this up as a feature request, or you're welcome to do so at https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi/issues/new?assignees=&labels=kind%2Fenhancement&template=1-feature-request.md. We use the 👍 votes on GitHub Issues as part of the input for our public roadmap (especially as Slack is hard to maintain that kind of voting).
Thank you
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