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12/08/2021, 5:12 AM
hi all, I am new to both Pulumi and Typescript, I have an application that expose an endpoint for user to upload images, after Pulumi deployed the resources, I'd like to add a small test case to upload a photo (which is also located in the code repo) to that endpoint. Would Pulumi up ignore it since it is technically nothing to do with Pulumi? Here's my code:
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const request = require('request');
        const fs = require('fs');
        const testImage = fs.readFileSync('src/deploys/imageUpload/testImage.txt',{ encoding: 'utf8', flag: 'r' });

        request(`http://${props.hosts[0]}/upload`, {
            method: 'POST',
            json: true,
            body: {
                key: 'somerandomvalue12345',
                files: testImage,
the file (src/deploys/imageUpload/testImage.txt) is actually a base64 value text file while the original file is in PNG format.