Hi, I'm very familiar with Pulumi, but I'm struggl...
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Hi, I'm very familiar with Pulumi, but I'm struggling to find a solution for when I need to have a conditional resource creation. In my specific example I have a domain name which is an Output; I want to create a DNS entry, but based on the suffix of the domain name it can either be an AWS DNS entry or an Azure DNS entry. I can't find a way to query the Output and get the correct information. I've tried to shove all the logic inside a method and then have everything running via a lambda on an Output.apply(): that works when doing pulumi up, but pulumi pre will not show those resources, for whatever reason (probably lack of information during the pre run). Any thoughts on this?
Possibly split it into two stacks so that the output value is known in advance?
yeah, unfortunately there's not a great answer here just yet. we have some designs in process that might make this process a bit better, but unfortunately for the time being, you're stuck creating resources inside an apply i'm afraid