Another rando we have been piloting ...
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Another rando we have been piloting Pulumi for AWS. I just learned of AWS CDK constructs though. Is there any kind of equivalent solution in Pulumi that reduces boilerplate stuff and/or canned common solutions following best practices (ex: CognitoToApiGatewayToLambda is a best practices AWS CDK construct you can easily drop in)
so not quite the same from what I am seeing...
Yeah… the ability to create those constructs exist in the form of components but there isn't the same equivalence in terms of existing constructs.
are there plans to provide anything like this? It is incredibly appealing to stitch together a few "constructs" that are all baked with best practices for more complex business scenarios. it puts pulumi at a disadvantage as I can get the same job done with cdk constructs in half the time if that makes sense...
An example
This becomes significantly less code for me to write as it manages the typical opinionated default for things like IAM roles between these services
Sure I can get there with pulumi but how much extra code do I have to maintain....
Not sure if this is something that the Pulumi team will do themselves, considering that it's a multi-cloud platform and these constructs are AWS-specific. But I'm not in a position to speak for what their plans are, so take what I say with a grain of salt. I think the intention behind the pulumi registry is to start nurturing contributions from the community in this area. There are a few existing aws components (if you filter type to
) but probably not at the level supported by CDK which is an AWS-specific tool.
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