does pulumi refresh requires gcloud CLI? I am aski...
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does pulumi refresh requires gcloud CLI? I am asking this because of the following error:
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2021-12-14T14:04:24.691778750Z ~ kubernetes:core/v1:ServiceAccount hello-world-service-account refreshing warning: configured Kubernetes cluster is unreachable: unable to load schema information from the API server: Get "<https://x.x.x.x/openapi/v2?timeout=32s>": error executing access token command "gcloud config config-helper --format=json": err=exec: "gcloud": executable file not found in $PATH output= stderr=
I am running pulumi inside the GCP Cloud Build Worker and the container is npm
@square-coat-62279 pulumi refresh does not, but the kubernetes provider does. If you're using GKE at all, the provider is constructed with a call to the cloud cli, so you'll need gcloud installed