Hello All, I have a project that I have been depl...
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Hello All, I have a project that I have been deploying in Python3.6 for some time. I am deploying a container to aws ecs. I installed the latest version of Pulumi, v3.19.0 I created a virtual environment in Python 3.8 pulumi==3.20.0 pulumi-aws==4.33.0 pulumi-docker==3.1.0 When I run pulumi up, I get the message error: failed to discover plugin requirements: exit status 1 So, same code works in Python3.6 does not work in Python3.8 and the error message is vague. Here is the code I am trying to run
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from pulumi import export
import pulumi_aws as aws

# Create an Elastic Container Service (ECS) cluster in the default VPC

cluster = aws.ecs.Cluster(
    settings=[aws.ecs.ClusterSettingArgs(name="containerInsights", value="enabled")],

Also does not work in Python 3.9
Also tried all the latest pip install libraries with the same message
Also tried a brand new project, still same message