Hi Pulumi Folks - I'm looking into Pulumi, and won...
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Hi Pulumi Folks - I'm looking into Pulumi, and wondering if the Pulumi SaaS offering provides features that would allow engineers, managers, etc to visualize the infrastructure we are deploying, see dependency relationship, do cost analysis, etc?
And if any of this is true, how might I get a demo?
Hi Wes- Pulumi SaaS does offer the features you mention above, and then some, although I'd love to hear more about what you mean by "cost analysis" before I say we 100% support your use case. Regardless, I'd be happy to get you setup with a Pulumi Account Executive who can facilitate a demo and a conversation about what you're looking for in an IaC solution. Is that OK with you?
ya, we don't even use Terraform Cloud right now
but, it would be interesting if there was a way to associate specific resources with a cost estimate (high/low)
and even extend that functionality ourselves
anyways, yes I'd love to have an account, and do a demo
let me DM you