Anyone has success with installing cert-manager in...
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Anyone has success with installing cert-manager in k8s? For me, Pulumi always get stuck in the middle, hanging there forever.
Many times. Have you looked at the cluster to see the state / logs?
Are you using the helm.release or using the k8s.chart?
Currently the release, but I think I may have used the chart previously also, can't remember.
I've started publishing Pulumi SDKs too:
Using the chart, once again hanging for 15mins now:
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// cert manager chart
// see <>
const certManagerName = utils.resourceName`cert-manager`;
const certManager = new k8s.helm.v3.Chart(
    chart: "cert-manager",
    // see <>
    version: "v1.5.4",
    fetchOpts: { repo: "<>" },
    values: {
      // see <>
      extraArgs: [
      installCRDs: "true",
    transformations: [
      (obj) => {
        // NB do transformations on the yaml to set all resources to the namespace
        if (obj.metadata) {
          obj.metadata.namespace =;
  { provider: cluster.provider, customTimeouts: { create: "3m", update: "3m" } }
Last time I forcibly use Ctrl-c to quit Pulumi, and when I run Pulumi again it complains NO stack found.
So, when this is hanging, what do the (k8s) logs show? Are pods created?
The apicheck pod was created, but failed 6 times, reaching the backoff limit.
But pulumi is waiting on it.
The job (pod) was run immediately when pulumi runs the helm chart. A more desired time would be a little bit later because most cert manager resources have not been created.
For the missing stack data issue, basically I am experiencing the same things as: