Hello everyone, maybe someone can help me with thi...
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Hello everyone, maybe someone can help me with this, i’m trying to implement the opensearch domain with the aws-native package, but when i’m trying to create the resource this error occurs:
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aws-native:opensearchservice:Domain (merqueo-dev-search):
    error: resource partially created but read failed. read error: reading resource state: operation error CloudControl: GetResource, https response error StatusCode: 400, RequestID: 5dad3d54-4208-49c1-8d6d-5bcb49ffd70f, ResourceNotFoundException: AWS::OpenSearchService::Domain Handler returned status FAILED: Resource of type 'AWS::OpenSearchService::Domain' with identifier 'merqueo-dev-search' was not found. (HandlerErrorCode: NotFound, RequestToken: 3fe72f59-101b-4656-0dad-b9fe51ed0247), create error: operation CREATE failed with "InternalFailure": Internal Failure
If, after the error, you do a second
pulumi up
does it complete? If so, I suspect Azure is taking a while to propagate the domain and the request is essentially timing out waiting for the domain to be seen. Regardless, it’s probably worth trying the
resource option. See: https://www.pulumi.com/docs/intro/concepts/resources/#customtimeouts
Thanks, i wil try it.