Hi, Happy New Year. Is there a way to save Projec...
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Hi, Happy New Year. Is there a way to save Project and Stack information other than Pulumi.yaml and Pulumi.<stack>.yaml . Do have any example where I can follow to use some implementation highlighted in red . I am looking for the example in golang. A default implementation of workspace is provided as
. This implementation relies on Pulumi.yaml and Pulumi.<stack>.yaml as the intermediate format for Project and Stack settings. Modifying ProjectSettings will alter the Workspace Pulumi.yaml file, and setting config on a Stack will modify the Pulumi.<stack>.yaml file. This is identical to the behavior of Pulumi CLI driven workspaces.
Custom Workspace implementations can be used to store Project and Stack settings as well as Config in a different format, such as an in-memory data structure, a shared persistent SQL database, or cloud object storage. Regardless of the backing Workspace implementation,
Hello, Raising an old thread here... I am also looking persist the config outside the yaml file using automation API. @late-energy-66663 Did you find any information on Custom Workspaces?
Hi @able-thailand-87943, No unfortunately not, there were no suggestion even, But would love to work with someone to find the solution