Hi team, We using Pulumi script to update behaviou...
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Hi team, We using Pulumi script to update behaviours in AWS Cloudfront using Typescript We are unable to find the property to set O*bject Caching -* to use origin cache headers. Please find the attached snapshot below:
This option in the UI doesn't map directly to a property on the underlying resource, but I think it just uses the default values of:
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minTtl: 0,
defaultTtl: 86400,
maxTtl: 31536000,
if we set minTtl = 0 , will not be considered as a non-caching scenario. we saw in one of the documentations -https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonCloudFront/latest/DeveloperGuide/using-managed-cache-policies.html
Our scenario is as below, /pathname/123 - for this cache control headers is set from the servers itself, but /pathname/abc - will not have any cache-control header from the server, is there way to add different behaviours for this scenario?
@breezy-kitchen-97655 there isn't always an API call that maps to to every console setting. you'll need to create a resource that has these values set and examine the created value to figure out what to set in the API