I'm trying to add a ServiceRole to my EKS cluster....
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I'm trying to add a ServiceRole to my EKS cluster. The docs say that the ServiceRole Input to the EKS Cluster function takes a
I am struggling to get something which has type iam.RoleInput which is what the error messages say, e.g.:
cannot use adminvm (type iam.LookupRoleResultOutput) as type iam.RoleInput in field value:        iam.LookupRoleResultOutput does not implement iam.RoleInput (missing ToRoleOutput method)
I've tried iam.LookupRole iam.GetRole and iam.LookupRoleOutput but none of them seem to give me an object of type iam.RoleInput. I think I could probably write code to make the role or use the pulumi import to do that for me and then I would be able to use the object created by iam.NewRole in this input, and I'll probably test that tomorrow, but I feel like I should be able to look up a role (like I have with security groups and subnets in the past) and then use the results of that lookup to create my Cluster. Looking at my earlier code the subnets and the security groups only needed to provide an id as a string to the function rather than an object like iam.RoleInput Can someone point me to a helpful example of how to get a Role from the AWS account in such a way that it can be used as a RoleInput for eks.NewCluster. tvmia