Hey folks! As you may know, we have a <Github Disc...
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Hey folks! As you may know, we have a Github Discussions forum in addition to this community Slack. We encourage you to use the Github Discussions forums as well. We are using Discussions to provide a central location as a knowledge base and for users and other community members to help and connect with each other. We hope that you: - As questions that you might have related to Pulumi - Engage with other community members - Share what you are building with Pulumi! All forum posts are subject to the Code of Conduct. Use the Pulumi Community Slack for questions/issues where you want to collaborate in real time. However, moderators of the Community Slack may encourage you to move the discussion to Github Discussions if it seems like an area that will be helpful for others in the future (since Slack is not searchable and the content disappears over time). We also encourage you to use Github Discussions as we can much more easily connect these discussions (vs Slack) to Github Issues. If you want to collaborate with other people on your code, Slack is a great place to work through those challenges! If you are looking to find out about success patterns, architectural references, or if you’re not sure if something is a bug, GitHub Discussions is your place to go!
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