Hello everybody, I wanna create multiple database ...
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Hello everybody, I wanna create multiple database within a Azure Postgres v13 flexible server. As I found here I need to use
like this:
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export const myDB = new azureNative.dbforpostgresql.v20200214preview.Server(
    administratorLogin: config.POSTGRES_USERNAME,
    administratorLoginPassword: config.POSTGRES_PASSWORD,
    createMode: "Default",
    storageProfile: {
      backupRetentionDays: 7,
      storageMB: 32768,
    resourceGroupName: config.RESOURCE_GROUP_NAME,
    serverName: config.POSTGRES_SERVER_NAME,
    sku: {
      name: config.POSTGRES_INSTANCE_TYPE,
      tier: config.POSTGRES_INSTANCE_TIER,
    version: "13",
    dependsOn: resourceGroup,
But when I try to add new database to this server I can't find
resource in this preview class:
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new azureNative.dbforpostgresql.v20200214preview.Database    <------ This resource not exists in Pulumi
Can you tell me how I can add more database to the above postgres server? In the azure document they told that it's allowed and possible to use single postgres server with multiple database:
Within an Azure Database for PostgreSQL server, you can create one or multiple databases. You can opt to create a single database per server to utilize all the resources, or create multiple databases to share the resources.
Ref: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/postgresql/flexible-server/concepts-servers