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03/09/2022, 3:42 PM
Hi Folks, not sure if this is the right channel to ask but I'm trying to use Pulumi on AWS to create Fargate container and came across the problem when deploying multiple times from GH action. I'm getting:
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TargetGroupAssociationLimit: The following target groups cannot be associated with more than one load balancer
when running
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const listener = new"lb"))
        .createTargetGroup(nameFor("group"), { port: 80, protocol: "TCP" })
        .createListener(nameFor("listener"), { port: 443, protocol: "TLS", certificateArn: certificate.arn})
It work locally when ran pulumi up but not via GH action with same command. GH Action version: 3.15.0 Pulumi version on GH action: v3.25.1 Local Pulumi version: v3.25.1