Hey friends, Pulumi Outputs have been rather diffi...
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Hey friends, Pulumi Outputs have been rather difficult to work with. I feel like I am either doing something wrong or don't understand how they work. I have spent a day trying to get an output into a useable state. I am using the Okta.User.User resource to load users into okta. I am exporting an output of the Okta User Ids to user later so I can join those users to a group. However the output is coming out with an index and I have no way to turn it into a simple array so that I can load it into the Okta.GroupMembership resource that only takes a list. Output:
export const devopsUserIds = pulumi.output(devopsUsers).apply(userlist => userlist.map((user: { id: any }) => user.id))
This produces
+ devopsUserIds       : [
+     [0]: "00uyn0nldHI1SFLwasdfasd"
+     [1]: "00uyq0314ehGvU12121"
Somehow I am unable to extract it to something more like this
devopsUserIds['00uyn0nldHI1SFLwasdfasd', '00uyq0314ehGvU12121']