Hello Pulumi team. I got a simple question related...
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Hello Pulumi team. I got a simple question related to the newly available Java SDK. Are there any written guides or material on how to use the SDK with other JVM based languages? For a bit of context, I have plenty of experience working with Terraform, but we are seriously considering switching to Pulumi because we are unifying our technologies around Clojure and its ecosystem. Additionally, I came to know Pulumi now supports a Java SDK, but haven't found an official guide on how to use it in a non-Java project. Lastly, bear with my lack of knowledge, since I have no experience using Pulumi yet, so I might miss some basic concepts. From a Clojure perspective, we would be in charge of compiling and bundling the JAR packages, so we only need Pulumi to take the JAR and run it I suppose. I don't know if there are any other considerations. Thanks for your support!