In the Projects page, what attribute is used to ti...
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In the Projects page, what attribute is used to title the gray grouping boxes? When I create a project locally then add a stack in my org, that field is empty.
It's in the
tag, in a span with class "proj-group-name".
My project name is in the nested card, in a tag called
, in a span with class "proj-project-name". That one is fine, it has the name of my project.
Is there a configurable property for project "groups"? Where is this documented?
I see in other projects it has the same value as vcs:repo and gitHub:repo. This looks promising. Where do I configure those?
This page has all the info at a high level, but no tag values:
I guess I need to set either / both the vcs: and gitHub: tags? Is there a definition of which, when and why?
Found the source for the tag values, looks like the vcs: ones are all I need?
Yep, that worked. vcs:repo seems to be the value that goes in there.
Yes, sorry for the late response here. This is indeed automatically picked up from vcs info by the CLI when your program executes.
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I guess these values are set correctly when you create a project via the app, but I couldn't find user-level docs for them. I never create projects via the app (I use dev tools like echo, cat and vi 😉) so I need to set them myself. Which means.. I need to know to set them!
Sorry for the inconvenience, I believe these are not documented as they are inferred from the environment automatically when you run
pulumi up
Yep that's the one. So someone creating a new project would likely want to set these.. if they knew they existed 🙂 I've set them in my Pulumi.<stack>.yaml and they work great, but I didn't know I had to...
Yup, hear you there that there is a miss on the documentation. Sorry about that. I did want to clarify that this should happen automatically based on ambient VCS info not just when you create a stack, but also when you run an update. Are you creating projects inside of a git repository and not seeing that info get picked up when you do an update?
No, I think I'd only been using preview. The project and stack showed up without that field populated.