Hi everyone! Yesterday I merged some code in the t...
# python
Hi everyone! Yesterday I merged some code in the the master branch of Pulumi that ports the Pulumi Python SDK to Python 3. It supports a minimum of Python 3.6+ and will be the foundation of Pulumi on Python going forward. Now that it’s merged, we’re iterating quickly on what the “Python” experience really looks like in Pulumi, so you can expect a lot of changes over the next few weeks. If you are currently using Python in your project, I suggest explicitly locking your “pulumi” dependency to “0.16.2”. The shift from Python 2 to Python 3 is a significant breaking change and, since Python support is still in alpha, we will likely be making more breaking changes over the next week or two. Thanks for all of the feedback you’ve given so far and feel free to ask in here or DM me if you have any questions!
This is great to hear! Would you recommend holding off on using the Python SDK in a 3.6+ project until it is out of alpha due to the possibility of breaking changes?