Anyone know a good place to look for more examples...
# python
Anyone know a good place to look for more examples of pulumi python? I look through the samples section, and there is 1 or 2 which are aws related. I'm looking to try converting my terraform into pulumi for all my azure infrastructure, but don't have a great starting point example wise.
our updated python docs will be released very very soon! there won't be a ton of examples to start with, but the new docs should encourage more examples to be put together
@gentle-diamond-70147 don't want to be well ... offensive ... 😉 but I keep hearing about it for quite a long time 😉
I have good news! The first pieces of Python docs have already rolled out!
There's more to come, but it's happening! 🙂
@gentle-diamond-70147 that is very good news 🙂
Any examples as well ?