<@UB9EMC6TY> I can retrieve the `conf = pulumi.Con...
# python
@microscopic-pilot-97530 I can retrieve the
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conf = pulumi.Config(‘gke’)
stack_name = conf.require(‘name’)
No problem but
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gcp_project = conf.require(‘gcp:project’)
gcp_zone = conf.require(‘gcp:zone’)
Error with
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pulumi:pulumi:Stack (gke-k8s):
    error: Missing required configuration variable ‘gke:gcp:project’
        please set a value using the command pulumi config set gke:gcp:project <value>
    error: an unhandled error occurred: Program exited with non-zero exit code: 1
The config values are set in my Pulumi.k8s.yaml file. any advise?
I think you want to do something like:
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gcp_conf = pulumi.Config('gcp')
gcp_project = gcp_conf.require('project')
gcp_zone = gcp_conf.require('zone')
Ok I see the namespace for gcp is different from the overall project & stack?
boom that worked
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thx Justin
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I think the docs should be a bit clearer on the config portion. I thought the namespace was tied to the projectstack then the rest of it appended but clearly this is not hte case
Agreed. We could definitely make this more clear in the docs.
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