<@UJ8SBMLF6> can you elaborate on what you're tryi...
# python
@straight-napkin-70642 can you elaborate on what you're trying to achieve? By default, a
pulumi up
does not do a refresh from your cloud. That's what
pulumi refresh
is for.
I'm gonna try to reproduce it, but basically I had this deploy https://github.com/gmiretti/pulumi-aws-py-lambda-api-gateway/blob/master/__main__.py#L87 , removed the proxy+ method , updated and the API wasn't redeployed in the stage, it wasn't "refreshed" (recreated in pulumi jargon?)
it happen again, the stage wasn't redeployed, even when a dependency of the Deployment was erased
What specifically did you remove?
example_int, proxy_res, proxy_met (sorry for the variable names) 😳
and removed example_int from example_dep depends_on