hey, any ideas what this means? ``` azure:ad:Appli...
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hey, any ideas what this means?
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azure:ad:Application aks-app  error: Error ensuring Resource Providers are registered: Cannot register provider Microsoft.DBforPostgreSQL with Azure Resource Manager: resources.ProvidersClient#Register
I dont have postgres at all in my configuration I dont even have postgres class imported in the configuration
I suspect this may be related to your account? See https://github.com/terraform-providers/terraform-provider-azurerm/issues/3358 for a similar case. You can set
to true to opt out of automatically trying to register providers - though that may lead to other errors when you first try to use new resource kinds that your subscription may not have yet registered.
right, where do I set this flag? I obviously cant use terraform, right? And I dont really initialize connection to Azure anywhere in pulumi
pulumi config set azure:skipProviderRegistration true
ok, that helps, thanks
cant really test it because i did just re-register all the providers, lol
but added it to the config, thanks!