Hello `pulumi_python` community, I was wondering ...
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community, I was wondering if it would be possible to deploy Pulumi resources via a web interface (e.g. Django Admin) ? My use-case would be to deploy Github Buckets + AWS Cloud9 environments from a GUI and keep track of them in my Back Office. Does it make sense to use Pulumi for that ? @gentle-diamond-70147 @microscopic-florist-22719 what do you think ?
Hi @bright-orange-69401, we actually have a number of customers doing something like this. This isn't built in to Pulumi itself, but you could easily wrap the Pulumi CLI execution in your own application to do this. There's a
flag on
that will let you inspect the changes before executing and then you can inspect the JSON state file for any outputs or data you want to retrieve from it.
Good to know, thanks 🙂