Any hints on where the `pulumi.debug()` output goe...
# python
Any hints on where the
output goes and how it can be used? I tried increasing the verbosity (I believe 9 is the highest), but none of my statements were printed to the screen. I tried finding a log file, but I'm probably not looking in the right place. Basically, as I incrementally built my infrastructure "blueprint" with Pulumi, I used a lot of
statements to eye-ball verify different things. Now, as I prepare to share this work with a larger audience, it will be nice to reduce the noise on the screen by converting most of those to debug statements. But, I want to know how to access that information when a teammate asks me for help.
You likely need to use the
flag too.
Thanks! That helps. Oddly, some of my debug messages are missing from the log... even with
. Kind of interesting that the help states
--logtostderr Log to stderr instead of to files
. Any idea where those log files are stored and organized when the
option is not used?
Ok. I found out what was happening to my missing debug messages - it seems that output on stdout can writeover the same line as the stderr output. So, if the streams are not separated then you are likely to lose some messages 😢
That is actually surprising. Do you have an example of that? If you do - would be great to open an issue in github. That doesn’t sound intentional.
Yea, I can share a snippet of my code and I still have the console output too. For what it is worth, I upgraded to v1.11.0 this morning. I'll likely file an issue tomorrow morning, I was just about to sign off for the evening.
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