I think <get_output> is little misleading here. I'...
# python
I think get_output is little misleading here. I'm getting Output class even if I put fake name output. I'm still figuring out why I can't print output from another stack 😞
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deployment_stack = StackReference('infra.deploy')

b81_zone_id = deployment_stack.get_output('THISDOESNOTEXIST_RETURNS_OUTPUT')
I just wonder, why
print(b81_zone_id.apply(lambda c: print(c)))
does not work but when I export it in
, it works... A know async and apply, but why
did not work on my output?
weird, the syntax looks okay
maybe it doesn't work cause it doesn't exist and it waits forever for that value to be populated?
I tried... both, with existing and non-existing. the print with lambda(print) is always Output class
what if you print just at the end? without printing within the lambda? print(b81_zone_id.apply(lambda c: c))
you can try this one: def p(x): print(x) deployment_stack.get_output('FOO').apply(lambda c: p(c))
I think the outer print messes things here
@bland-lamp-16797 could you share a complete snippet of what code you are using that is behaving in an unexpected way? I’d like to try to reproduce what you are seeing.
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deployment_stack = StackReference('infra.deploy')

example1 = deployment_stack.get_output('b81_zone_name')  # this exist
example2 = deployment_stack.get_output('thisdoesnotexist')

print(example1.apply(lambda c:print(c)))
print(example2.apply(lambda c:print(c)))

pulumi.export('example1', example1)  #returns real value
pulumi.export('example2', example2)  #returns None
the outputs of this is:
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<pulumi.output.Output object at 0x10e9f2110>
    <pulumi.output.Output object at 0x10e9f2390>
The comment code is correct... it returns None indeed but when I try to debug, I can't trust print 😞
I know it's pipe dream, but if I could put here
and debug from ipython, it would make my life easier
@nutritious-shampoo-16116 I tried also like a function... it didn't work
seems like it would be really helpful to have a bunch of example uses of handling outputs
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it seems this is a bug... even when I run
pulumi_gcp.dns.RecordSet("develop." + example1)
I get string of output object... This what runs in GCP API:
Error creating DNS RecordSet: googleapi: Error 400: Invalid value for 'entity.change.additions[0].name': 'develop.<pulumi.output.Output object at 0x10914aed0>', invalid
ok, I'm using Output.all and it works... but this starlark is not easier then any Declarative languages around... 😞
yeah, it’s not obvious