I am trying to get image_name from the Image() fun...
# python
I am trying to get image_name from the Image() function from Alpha's pulumi-docker, however whenever I call
it returns a
pulumi.Output.output object
, which is expected however I need to insert the value as a string so I can create the container_definition. My question is how are you going about this? I thought the following would work, however it fails still. Maybe its plain as day and I just been staring at it too long. Error returns
Container.image contains invalid characters.
That’s odd that it’s still an
after you’re within the apply…
Can you try passing the args to Output.all as individual args instead of as an array?
My recollection is that output.all in Python is actually variable arguments
so you should either pass it as individual args or destructure the list (e.g.
Yea I just switched it from
Output.all(arg1, arg2,arg3).apply()
same result
So it still shows the output object w/in your diff?
I tried a single arg. same result.
What happens if you try just ui_image.image_name.apply?
If that does not work, then can you please open an issue as a bug? That doesn’t sound right that apply on an output wouldn’t actually do anything
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Yea I just tested that out of curiosity still returns object class instead of the result
Thanks and sorry about the trouble running into this