Quick question regarding output manipulation. I ha...
# python
Quick question regarding output manipulation. I have tried both
and just
and I am unable to convert the output to string. I am attempting to create an AppAutoscaling Target which requires the resources Id structure of
service/ECS Cluster Name/ECS Service Name
, however I am unable to correctly convert it. Even so I would expect if I just try to print the output manipulation I should see the actual value. Example
print(service[0].name.apply(lambda vals: f"""{vals}"""))
<pulumi.output.Output object at 0x7fcc88389b50>
I would expect the actual ECSService Name. I created a wrapper function which output multiple returns thus the index
. Another thing I tested was
service[0].Output.all(service[0].name).apply(lambda vals: f"""{vals}""")
which still results with ``<pulumi.output.Output object at 0x7fcc88389b50>`