I'm trying to create a rule that would allow membe...
# python
I'm trying to create a rule that would allow members of all of those security groups to connect to a port. AFAIK it needs separate rule for each group. But, each group requires a unique name, and I'd like for them to be telling what they're allowing access from. So this is my naive attempt so far.
Oh, with imports like that it's
, not just
. But I'm still getting an object there.
Getting somewhere closer with this, though it's complaining
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Exception: invocation of openstack:networking/getSecGroup:getSecGroup returned an error: invoking openstack:networking/getSecGroup:getSecGroup: No Security Group found with name: WebADM
    error: an unhandled error occurred: Program exited with non-zero exit code: 1
but this might be because those groups haven't been created yet