Is there any documentation on using FileArchive? I...
# python
Is there any documentation on using FileArchive? I’ve got a python lambda function with dependencies, and it looks like if you provide FileArchive a path it would include all files, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.
IMO the documentation is lacking on
classes. I'm using
to bundle everything in
(a folder) and it works for me
tbh I couldn’t find any documentation at all. I see it used in examples, but it isn’t described anywhere I could find.
I think I fixed my issue. after doing a
pip install -r requirements.txt -t ./packages
, I found I could do:
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  '.': pulumi.FileArchive('script_folder/'),
  './': pulumi.FileArchive('script_folder/packages/')})
In addition to no documentation on Archive or Assets, I couldn’t figure out a way to have any visibility into the archive being produced.
Yea I couldn't either, other than manually downloading (for debug purposes) the archive uploaded to the AWS lambda functions I uploaded it to There really should be more documentation here I think. I'd create a PR myself but I don't have a great grasp on those classes in the first place...