Hi - thinking about Pulumi for Kubernetes and mult...
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Hi - thinking about Pulumi for Kubernetes and multi-cloud (AWS, GCP and Azure ultimately) - wondering how complete the Python support is
for example, the @pulumi/eks package seems like it's TypeScript only
it’s complete. that is a higher order package but you can do pretty much everything you need to do in Python
That's correct. The
libraries are equivalent across all the languages in terms of resource coverage.
is Node-specific but it just builds on top of the corresponding
library for Node (
ok, that's good to know - are there other higher-order packages like that?
considering that more DevOps people know Python than JavaScript, it would be great if Python had feature parity with JS/TypeScript
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trying to figure out whether committing to TypeScript is worth it for these extra packages - probably not though
We would also highly appreciate more content (tutorials, documentation, best practices, …) for Python to get started quicker! Right now it’s definitely a bit discouraging. The strength of Pulumi should be, that one does not even think about switching languages, but we also briefly thought about switching to typescript. Please let us know, how we can help Pulumi accelerate good Python tutorial etc. coverage 🙂