Hi all We must apologise for the breaking change ...
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Hi all We must apologise for the breaking change that occured in the minor version bump of the GCP provider. v3.19.0 introduced a codegen change that ensured consistent package names. This changed the following package names: Go
serviceAccount -> serviceaccount
serviceAccount -> serviceaccount
service_account -> serviceaccount
This was an unintended consequence of the codegen change being released and is something that we should have ensured happened in a controlled manner rather than forcing the breakage on the customer We are going to have a followup post-mortem event to ensure we learn from this and that we add better quality bars to our releases so that we don't release these breaking changes without any warning or notice. We will publish the results of this post-mortem to make sure our customers understand what we have learned from this I am sorry for this issue. If this issue will cause you any unnecessary replacement of any infrastructure, then please do let us know and we can work with you on making sure this isn't the case Paul