The pulumi CLI/engine is different from the pulumi...
# python
The pulumi CLI/engine is different from the pulumi SDK. You
brew install pulumi
to obtain the CLI whereas
in your requirements.txt refers to the Python-specific SDK. When you run
pulumi up
it spins up both the engine and a language host. The latter executes your python program within your specified python environment. The diagram in provides a useful diagram and more details.
Thanks for the help! Then I still wonder, why
can not be imported, as it is installed in my conda environment, and if I understand the pulumi setup correctly, it should therefore be loaded from the conda environment, right? 🤔
Are you executing
from within the shell that has an active conda environment?
Yes, but it doesn’t seem to load the packages from the conda environment
So I installed pulumi-kubernetes in my main mac python (additional to the conda environment) and this workaround works, thus showing that the conda environment packages are not loaded when running pulumi up…
Pulumi doesn’t try to do anything special from a python environment perspective. It picks up the first
on your
(see If you’re able to provide a reliable repro of not using the right python (and right virtual environment), I’d be happy to take a look.