Are there any Python performance regression tests?...
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Are there any Python performance regression tests? On Kubernetes 1.18 clusters with the "serversideapply" feature gate set, we see pulumi-language-python-exec take 100% cpu for minutes as it appears to serialize every single f: managed field as an input. We're putting together a simpler repo now, but its because we do a .apply on a Deployment object, which causes the entire object to be converted into an input. Every single f: field is a nested input that has to be converted which takes a massive amount of time now.
@gorgeous-egg-16927 @billowy-army-68599 can you help here?
I'm not really sure here I'm afraid
c I'll open a ticket against pulumi-kubernetes with more info, but this repro's it every time if you're curious. essentially the managedFields strings just destroy performance since they are nested dictionaries, is especially costly
Thanks for the detailed report! I responded on the issue